leikwutnow asked:
I think you're really beautiful, I've never actually seen you naked - I just came across a photo of your face and I was blown away by how gorgeous you are. I love a girl who puts a lot of effort into her hair (I especially loved your wolf grey and also white/pink hair), and your septum piercing is the cherry on top of your perfection. Stay well <3

Thanks :D 

blanketohyeah asked:
Which is your favourite erotic tumblr?

eh, dont have one! I just follow random dash suggestions or from what other people reblog. 

Anonymous asked:
Let's say (hypothetically) that i know you in real life. What's the best way to bring up the fact that I know you do this / have seen you naked / etc? Is it not a huge deal to you or would you rather not talk about it?

IF someone you know is a camgirl (or any kind of sexworker), and they aren’t out its probably for a reason. They would tell you if they wanted you to know. And ask yourself, “does it matter”?

I’m “out” to my closer circle of friends and my family, but I dont want my real identity associated with my cam persona because there are safety issues involved. Ive been harassed/creeped on by guys who think for some stupid reason that showing my boobs for money translates to somehow being interested in them (wat? it does not.). 

If someone is genuinely curious about what I do I’ll answer honestly, but Im just a normal person who wants to have a private life and its really not that exciting. Im not ashamed or anything, but I dont want to be treated like a sideshow or befriended just for PC cred. 

And this is kind of “unfair” or whatever BUT, if you are a straight dude, unless you’re a really close friend of the person, you probably shouldn’t bring it up. If you’re a girl, approach your friend super politely and gently. Dont tell other people about what you’ve found out. Be prepared for the fact that you might be making someone really uncomfortable.

hope that helps.

i am

i am

before you send someone an ugly message perhaps exfoliate your skin, set some life goals and contemplate why you’ve reached this point


This was supposed to be something serious but then this happened.


This was supposed to be something serious but then this happened.


me exercising


You know you are a cam girl when you have saved photos of your ID and of you holding your ID.





if we skyping best believe im looking at myself in that lil window not u

So incredibly accurate

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